Meet Survival Tips

Meet entry forms: Coaches will hand out meet forms usually 2 weeks or more before the scheduled meet. Check your mailbox folder for the forms and our website for additional information. Please indicate whether or not your swimmer will be participating and return the entry form with your check for entry fees to the Captain’s mailbox folder prior to the dead line.  Directions to out-of-town meets are available online and in the mailbox map folders.  Car pooling is always an option.

Arrival: Arrive on deck 20-30 minutes before scheduled warm-ups. On deck means the pool area where the swimmers will be warming up before the meet. There is always a limited time for warm-ups so on time arrival is important. The coaches also take roll to see which swimmers can swim the relays.

What to Bring: Team suit and cap, goggles, 2-3 towels, sandals, snacks, cooler with drinks, pen, highlighter. You will want to bring along your own lawn chair(s), reading material or other things to occupy yourself during the “down time” between your child’s events.  Do not bring practice equipment (fins, paddles, etc.) but spare goggles and cap are a good idea.

Heat Sheets: When you arrive at the meet you will want to purchase a heat sheet. This form tells you what heat and lane your swimmer will be in and approximate time. Heat sheets usually run $7.00 or $8.00 for the entire meet.  Once you have your heat sheet, look up the event numbers and find your swimmer’s name. You may want to write the event number, heat number and lane number on your (younger) swimmers with a water-resistant pen. This will be an easy reference for them to keep track of their heat and lane. Swimmers are always personally responsible for getting to their lane early for their heat. (Heat sheets are typically not available for developmental meets.)

Swimmer/Parent Rest Areas: The Team will usually have a tent, which is the designated area for our swimmers to sit between events. The team sets up their chairs, coolers, games etc. and make themselves right at home.

Results and Posting: The swimmers are to ask the timers for their finish time and report to the coach before returning to the rest area. The results of the event your swimmer swims in will be posted in a designated area.  The awards are sent home with the coach and will be distributed along with team results in your mailbox folder the next practice day or as soon as possible.

Departure: Before leaving the meet, please make sure that your swimmer is not in any last relays. Sometimes these change at the very last minute. Always check with a coach before leaving for home.

* Special thanks to Clearwater Aquatics Team for the initial use of this tips page.