Are you on the Championship Team?

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Are you on the Championship Team?

Yesterday’s I sent out an email and asked if you were IM ready.  Today’s question is “are you on the virtual Championship Team?”
USA Swimming creates virtual teams for every USA Swimming Club in the country and ranks them against each other.  This is one way we can measure our improvement (or lack there of) from one year to the next.

The teams are made up of swimmers between 11 and 18 years old.  We currently have 55 registered swimmers.  Of these 35 are age eligible for the team.  The Virtual Championship team is based on a theoretical dual swim meet where each eligible swimmer may enter 4 single year age group events.  The team may have only the top two swimmers in each event based on power points.  The total of all power points earned determines the team’s ranking.

Current members of the team are:

Gigi Barajas 11, (1 event)
Ryan Knack 11, (2 events)
Amelia Price 12,  (4 events)
Ethan Kennedy 12,  (4 events)
Andrei Geist 12, (1 event)
Leah Knack 13, (4 events)
Brandon Lee 13,  (2 events)
Jordan Collins 14, (4 events)
Quynn Sisto 14, (2 events)
Paisley Whitaker 15, (4 events)
Morgan Kiloh 15, (4 events)
Dylan Earnheart 15, (4 events)
Rebekah Cook 16, (2 events)
Jese Guardado 16, (4 events)
Hunter Earnheart 16, (4 events)
Charlie Watson 16, (4 events)
Malachi Oakes 17-18, (4 events) and
Bryce Uzzolino 17-18, (4 events)

This means that, in addition to those with less than 4 events, we have 17 age eligible swimmers who have yet to enter a short course meet since Sept 1st.

The Long Course virtual Championship Team is even smaller.  Only Ethan, Dylan, Bryce and Malachi are on the team.  This reflects the need to have made finals in order to have swum LC so far this year.  We can change all that with our entries tomorrow for the LC meet in Winter Haven.

See you at the pool.
Capt. Holme


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